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Brief Introduction Of Polychlorinated Biphenyls

China PCBWin Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 10, 2016

English name: Polychlorinated biphenyls; Polychlorodiphenyls synonyms: chlorinated biphenyls; PCBs by chlorine atomic number or chlorine of hundred points content respectively be label, China habits Shang by joint benzene Shang was chlorine replaced of number (regardless of its replaced location) will PCB is divided into three chlorine joint benzene (PCB3), and four chlorine joint benzene (PCB4), and five chlorine joint benzene (PCB5), and six chlorine joint benzene (PCB6), and seven chlorine joint benzene (PCB7), and eight chlorine joint benzene (PCB8), and nine chlorine joint benzene (PCB9), and 10 chlorine joint benzene (PCB10). PCBs belong to a carcinogen, easy to accumulate in fatty tissue, brain, skin and viscera of diseases, and affect the nervous, reproductive and immune systems.

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