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Introduction to mold

China PCBWin Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 10, 2016

Mold (m, Raúl j ù), industrial production for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, metallurgy, stamping and other methods to get the desired product of a variety of molds and tools. In short, the mold is used to molded items tool, this tool consists of a variety of parts, different from different parts of the mould. It mainly through the molding material physical state changes to implement form processing. Known as "the mother of industry" in the title.

Under external force to make stock a particular shape and size of the workpiece. Widely used in stamping, forging, cold heading, extrusion, pressing, die casting, powder metallurgy parts, plastics, rubber, ceramics and other products, compression moulding or injection process. Outline or cavity of the mold with a specific shape, with cutting edge profile shape you make the blanks on outline shape of separation (blanking). Internal shape can obtain the appropriate dimensional shape of the billet. Molds generally consist of moving half and fixed (or punch and die) in two parts, can be divided into the two can be combined. Separate out parts, closing the billets into the mold cavity.

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